myInterview is a video screening tool that integrates seamlessly into any application process.

About myInterview

In an online world of applications and candidate profiles, it's difficult to get a true sense of a person. myInterview was designed to put personality into the hiring process through video interviewing and predictive analytics. It's quick and easy to use, and we'd love to demonstrate how you can make faster and better data driven hiring decisions. Make the best matches between people and jobs while achieving faster time to hire.

Why video interviews

● Place people faster

● Make better matches

● Understand personality and soft skills

● Collaborate with your team or clients

Why do people people choose myInterview as their provider of choice?

1. Simplicity - Super friendly user experience. Put your brand up front. Works across all platforms and devices.

2. Integrated - Works with Greenhouse and other custom solutions.

3. Advanced - myInterview Intelligence™ AI-driven predictive analytics.

4. Original - We built it ourselves - with you in mind (we didn’t recycle or reuse someone else’s tech). One-hour to integration.

5. Secure - Compliance without compromise.

6. Supportive - World-class support (we stand behind our tech!) for you and your candidates.


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