Why be a TAFE teacher?

Posted: 16th Aug

TAFE is now hiring.

Teaching the next generation of skilled workers at TAFE is rewarding and fun. TAFEs deliver classroom, workplace and online teaching.

Build a career where you can be proud of contributing to the lives of Victorian people in the Education State.

‘It’s great to see them coming in as young kids and when they finish their apprenticeship they’re young men or young women starting their career. I enjoy that – I get a real kick out of it.’ says Derek Poulton, Free TAFE Automotive Teacher at Chisholm Institute.

‘I love sharing my knowledge, I love teaching, I love seeing the lightbulb moment in the student.’ says Muriel Cassidy a teacher at Melbourne Polytechnic.

Over 30 years, Muriel worked in big hotels, fancy clubs, in education and aged care. Now she’s sharing her vast knowledge with her classes in Certificate III and IV Commercial Cookery.

‘I’ve got 16 students in the class, I like to push that team environment because when they move into the restaurant they all work very, very well together, so I love that unity and teamwork and camaraderie.’

Muriel maintains her industry currency by still working, doing ‘small private functions and private catering’. ‘Sometimes some of my students come in and work alongside me and they’re still calling me Miss and I’m saying “No no no it’s Muriel”. That grows the relationship as well.’

You can search for a teaching job near you, in your area of expertise. For information about the specific requirements of an advertised role, contact the TAFE that is advertising the opportunity.